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The National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians from Romania just released its brand new Development Strategy - 22th of January, 2015. One of the chapters aims towards building a common information space for all Romanian public libraries. This digital space will be the agreggator for bibliographic data and Open Access scientific research resources at the national level.

For more information there is a translation of the chapter concerned as following.

Strategy for the development of a common information space


On the level of community member's expectations, the changes are driven by the efficiency through which the commercial services are successful in modifying the information search patterns and behaviours.

At the level of local community alternative information channels are developed (blogs, dedicated access points in social media, news feeds, etc.), and the traditional information media jumped classic media limits. All these actors are engaged in a tough battle for the attention of the community members, and all of them are to be given the proper respect learning from their employed online advertising techniques.

All these existing services together with the information products offered by the libraries, create a competitive informational space where new services need to be rendered for re-engaging and reconfirm library's role as a mediator, keeper and warrant of local, national and universal memory.

At this moment, on national level, many efforts have been aimed towards building digital collections, but these efforts have not benefited by coordination nor did it followed a pre set program.

All the skill acquisitions, techniques and technologies forms a fragmentary view at the national level.

Despite all these limitations there are a set of resources, some being engages at the European level.

This point of the strategy answers the needs for harmonization of the existing electronic resources on the national level and linking the common information space to the international efforts aimed to valorisation of the bibliographic data - open data, and research output as Open Access, and the Open Educational Resources.

Building a common information space is now necessary more than ever. This space will produce effects in growth of the response capacity of the entire library system to all community requests, and will become the solid foundation for interconnection on European and global level.


This point of the strategy is complementary to all the other by it targets and used resources achieving them, but mostly through an efficient use of association's resources. This vision may be achieved reaching the following objectives:

1. Making the libraries aware of their role of collector, administrator, broadcaster and preserver of local and national memory;
2. Writing practical guides on the web platform in order to guide libraries on how to develop their own collections;
3. Training a body of specialists dedicated to building the common informational space on the web platform;
4. Piloting the first model for aggregation of bibliographic data and Open Access scientific research resources at the national level;
5. Libraries as promoters of the open resources as a counter balance to commercial services: open educational resources, Open Access research resources, software tools with open source for daily activities and access to open data.