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  • IFLA Global Vision vote

    Dear colleagues,

    IFLA is creating a Global Vision and is looking for your input.

    Watch this video: and see how easy it is to take part!

    Step 1: Go to: 
    Step 2: Select your preferred language
    Step 3: Vote! Read more ...  
  • An Open Acces publication about opening Serbian museum collections


    After the successful organization set Museums and challenges of open access, we are pleased to present to you an electronic version of the publication Open access to museum documentation in Serbia: Experiences, challenges and potentials.

    The conference:

    Publication launched:

  • New FAIFE videos explore the emerging Internet surveillance environment

    TheDayWeFightBackFeb11 2014Increased Internet censorship and surveillance has been an emerging trend over the last decade. Since 2013’s leaks regarding online spying by various security agencies, the global dimensions and potential of ubiquitous surveillance have become evident to the global public. The IFLA FAIFE Committee has been actively working for many years to raise the issue of privacy and surveillance in a library context and now highlights some initiatives to support citizens’ rights.

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  • What is your dream?

    No-one can visit all the museums, libraries and archives across Europe in person. But we all can online. How we do that is up to you. In the future, how do you imagine you will help others explore, discover, learn about, work with and play with Europe’s heritage online? Whatever your dream, share it with us and together we can make it happen. We’ve already heard from six big dreamers. Watch their videos, share them and then share your own dream too.

    Let’s think big together. Allez Culture!

  • CC’s Next Generation Licenses — Welcome Version 4.0!

    Diane Peters said on November 25th, 2013:

    "We proudly introduce our 4.0 licenses, now available for adoption worldwide. The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.


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  • Europeana celebrates 5 years

    Europeana has reached another milestone towards 2015: 5 years of existance and 30 milion resources.
    Europeana aggregates the digital collections of roughly 2.300 galleries, libraries, museums, and archives providing an API for the needs of those who want to expoit this rich content.
    The best moment is to be considered the release of the dataset under CC0 dedication last year and most of all the good influence it has over the Digital Public Library of America.

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  • Open Access to science and data = cash and economic bonanza


    Open Access conference /Berlin
    19 November 2013
    Neelie Kroes
    Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda

    They say we are entering the era of open science.

    I've said that, too. But in fact it is only partly true. Because in reality, science has always been inherently open.

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  • 25-30 November is Europe Code Week!

    Sounds interesting? Well then, let's all do something really big between: November 25 - 30, 2013

    Organize a programming workshop, the one you planned to do in any case. Find a few friends who're curious about what you do and teach them how to code. Start a local study or support group for coding beginners. And remember, two is a group already.

    You can also help us spread the word about the initiative. Follow @CodeWeekEU on Twitter, Like Europe Code Week on Facebook, and join the conversation with #codeEU.

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