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In Romania, 2019 becomes The Year of the Book. This is the first bill passed to support many other measures aiming a boost in book production and readership. It will be followed in February with the rest of what is known as "The Pact for Book".

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Dear colleagues,

IFLA is creating a Global Vision and is looking for your input.

Watch this video: and see how easy it is to take part!

Step 1: Go to: 
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DigiHUBB is proud to invite European scholars of Digital Humanities to the 1st Easter European competition organized in Romania dedicated to showcasing ongoing projects and research in domains pertaining to this vas field.


4 of the most deserving projects will be selected and awarded a 200 Euro scholarship on behalf of DARIAH, which will be used to cover the participant’s travels and stay in Cluj-Napoca. In order to qualify for this prize, the research does not have to follow any particular topic, in fact, the more diverse the better – as long as it falls in the broad category of the Digital Humanities. In addition, any resulting papers will be published in the Centre’s own journal Studia Digitalia.

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We are pleased to announce that the United Nations Digital Library (UNDL) is now available and can be accessed globally free of charge.  A result of the successful collaboration between the Dag Hammarskjöld Library (DHL) at UN Headquarters and the United Nations Office at Geneva Library, the platform uses innovative open source technology to provide access to UN-produced materials in digital format. Content will be added continuously and enhancements to the system will be rolled out on a regular basis. The new system, which offers easy access to UN documents, maps, speeches, voting data, as well as non-sales publications, will help global researchers find the UN information they need, quickly and accurately. It provides one point of access to UN information – current and historical.

Phase 1 of the UNDL incorporates digital content from the databases in UNBISnet and the Official Document System (ODS) - mainly official UN documents, speech and voting records, as well as some maps.  The UNDL will also link to open access UN content.

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From 21 to 25 March 2017, the Transcribathon Romania will be hosted in various locations across the country.

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After the successful organization set Museums and challenges of open access, we are pleased to present to you an electronic version of the publication Open access to museum documentation in Serbia: Experiences, challenges and potentials.

The conference:

Publication launched:

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Документи о спољној политици Краљевине Србије 1903-1914


Another successful project realized in cooperation between MISANU and Department of Historical Sciences SANU and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information: Digitization of the documents about foreign politics of the Kingdom of Serbia 1903 - 1914!

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The National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians from Romania just released its brand new Development Strategy - 22th of January, 2015. One of the chapters aims towards building a common information space for all Romanian public libraries. This digital space will be the agreggator for bibliographic data and Open Access scientific research resources at the national level.

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TheDayWeFightBackFeb11 2014Increased Internet censorship and surveillance has been an emerging trend over the last decade. Since 2013’s leaks regarding online spying by various security agencies, the global dimensions and potential of ubiquitous surveillance have become evident to the global public. The IFLA FAIFE Committee has been actively working for many years to raise the issue of privacy and surveillance in a library context and now highlights some initiatives to support citizens’ rights.

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No-one can visit all the museums, libraries and archives across Europe in person. But we all can online. How we do that is up to you. In the future, how do you imagine you will help others explore, discover, learn about, work with and play with Europe’s heritage online? Whatever your dream, share it with us and together we can make it happen. We’ve already heard from six big dreamers. Watch their videos, share them and then share your own dream too.

Let’s think big together. Allez Culture!

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